What's the & for?

Everyone asks what the & is for.  It doesn’t make sense right? Dan And Wisniewski? Dan and Wife? No need to keep guessing, like it or not here is the answer:  The first graphic design project I worked on was for my wedding invitations. One of the main elements of the design was an ampersand.  So I incorporated the ampersand in the logo to remind me what I was doing this for. MY FAMILY.  The ampersand is a constant reminder that my growing family is at the heart of this business.


I don't see my city. Do you do customs?

Yes! Let's talk. Send an email to: or click here to get a project started.


Do you offer returns or exchanges? 

Find the full refund policy here.


Do you have a store? 

Not yet. But our products are found in stores throughout Columbus and Ohio.  You can also find D&W at popup shops and markets around Ohio.