D&W Elements is a Columbus, Ohio based company dedicated to the fusion of modern design with vintage inspiration.  We know the passion and local pride you have for your city and we are proud to help you show your support.

Hi I'm Dan Wisniewski. I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and moved to Columbus for college fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a Buckeye.  I quickly fell in love with Columbus as a big city with a small-town feel, a supportive local art scene, and an impressive sports culture.  I got my degree in mechanical engineering but uncovered a passion for product design, which is where I focused my studies for my Master's degree. I cultivated my graphics skills by learning from talented colleagues and self study. I channel my love of sports, my city, and graphic design into D&W products.  We have evolved from handcrafted furniture to the "coasters and posters" focus you see now.  I plan to continue to add new cities and design elements, and enjoy producing custom products for individuals, as well as orders for weddings and businesses.

Whats the & for?

Everyone asks what the & is for.  It doesn’t make sense right? Dan And Wisniewski? Dan and Wife? No need to keep guessing, like it or not here is the answer.  The first graphic design project I worked on was for my wedding invitations. One of the main elements of the design was an ampersand.  So I incorporated the ampersand in the logo to remind me what I was doing this for. MY FAMILY.  The ampersand is a constant reminder that my growing family is at the heart of this business.


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